QuickBooks error 136

What does QuickBooks error 136 mean

What does QuickBooks error 136 mean?

QuickBooks is the most prestigious accounting software that can help you to keep your cash-flow healthy with automated online payment, payment reminders, and invoicing. Since its inception, this software holds a special place in the organization of every business owner. Through this software, you can manage and handle every operation of accounting seamlessly and smoothly. However, one thing which pulls this software back is that it is not free from technical issues or errors. While using this software, there are still fair chances that you may face various annoying errors. All these errors not only halts your on-going processes but also results in the sluggish behavior of QuickBooks software. One such problem is QuickBooks Error 136. In case you are dealing with such an error, read this article to get an answer to your queries. 

What does QuickBooks error 136 mean?

QuickBooks Error 136 is a frustrating error that can occur in your software anytime and hampers all your processes. You may face this issue due to improper installation of QuickBooks, corrupted company files, and network problems. 

Solutions to troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 136

Solution 1: 

  • First of all, double-click on the QuickBooks icon to open QuickBooks software 
  • Now press and hold the ALT key 
  • After that, enter your password in the required field and release the ALT key
  • Once you are done, click on OK 
  • When the application launches, press and hold the ALT key again
  • Lastly, release the ALT key 

Solution 2: 

  • Find and open the folder that contains your company file 
  • In the company file folder, find the file with an extension .QBW 
  • Right-click on the file with the extension .QBW and copy the file 
  • Now move to the desktop and paste the file anywhere on the desktop 
  • Open the No company file and search for the file which you have copied on the desktop

In case the error persists, call us on QuickBooks Support Phone Number 1 877-751-0742 to get instant fixes for QuickBooks Error 136. 

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