QuickBooks Error 248

What is Error 248 in QuickBooks?

What is Error 248 in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is an outstanding accounting application that provides a comprehensive suite of features that are essential for accounting and finance. However, while using QuickBooks software, you may encounter annoying issues like QuickBooks Error 248 in QuickBooks. Error 248 in QuickBooks can be unnerving as it prevents you from completing all the processes of payroll. Users who encountered the error reported that they could not take a backup of your company file.  If you cannot get rid of Error 248 in QuickBooks, keep reading this blog as it will show you how to fix the error.

What is Error 248 in QuickBooks?

Error 248 in QuickBooks can occur when you try to run payroll for your employees. At times, when you are taking a backup of your company file, you may receive the problem. This error comes with an error message that says:

QuickBooks file is not found

It states that you have to rebuild your company file by using data utility in QuickBooks Desktop.

Causes of Error 248 in QuickBooks

You may face the error due to the following reasons:

  • The issue in the company file
  • When you have overpaid your employee

Whatever the reason may be, you can easily fix Error 248 in QuickBooks by trying the fixes listed below.

Solutions to troubleshoot Error 248 in QuickBooks 

You can try any one of the given solutions to troubleshoot ERror 248 in QuickBooks 

Solution 1: Run rebuild data utility

Solution 2: Verify Data Utility in QuickBooks

Solution 3: Create and add item in QuickBooks

Hopefully, all these solutions will help you troubleshoot the error in less time. In case none of the mentioned solutions works for you, call us on QuickBooks Phone Number and get immediate technical workarounds to solve QuickBooks errors. Our team will provide you quick fixes to solve all the annoying issues of QuickBooks in less time. 


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